Who Did Salman Khan Chose Over Katrina?

Well we are talking about Koffee With Karan season 5, whom did Salman Khan chose over Katrina Kaif ....keep reading the blog at CRB Tech Reviews to know the special names. Yup! Salman Khan gonna appear this season with his brothers Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan


Last time Salman took everyone by surprise by a self remark stating that he is a virgin while seated at Karan’s couch.

So for the fans of Sally bhai, it’s the news that this time again he would be seen on the couch again. But unlike last year Salman will not be seen solo. There was a buzz that the actor will be seen along with his ex love Katrina Kaif on the TV show. But as per sources and reports that’s not the scene now. Instead Bhaijan will be on Karan’s popular TV show with not only one but two of his dearest people. So you could watch Salman seated with his two brothers Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. 

For the first time the trio gonna appear together on KJo’s show. We are eager to watch how the Khan Brothers get with the witty Karan Johar and his surprising controversial rapid fire round. It’s nothing to mention that actor is also very close friend of Salman and his family. Let’s see how easily or how tough it would be for Karan to handle the three candid Khans at a same time. 

We know how last season Karan missed out Shah Rukh Khan, who visited the couch this year with his Dear Zindagi co-star Alia Bhatt in the premiere episode. Last time SRK gave a witty remark while reasoning out why he gave Karan’s show a miss then. In his amazing style, Shah Rukh quoted that he waited for the fall of the TRPs such that he could return and raise the show’s popularity once again. Now things have changed between the two Khans i.e. Shah Rukh and Salman...they have forgot all their bitter feelings and have become the old buddies again. I think it would be great to get a chance to glance them together in karan Johar’s chat show.

We conclude here. Let’s see how things get brewed up in Karan’s show with the three Khans sipping coffee and gossiping.

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