SRK Wanted Salman To Replace Him In Kal Ho Na Ho !

With recent completion of 13 years of Kal Ho Na Ho came the revelation that Shah Rukh Khan didn’t want to act in the film. Here CRB Tech Reviews cover the entire episode. He wanted Salman Khan to play the role of terminally ill Aman Mathur

Shah Rukh Wanted Salman

Do you remember that Shah Rukh, Preity Zinta and Saif Ali starrer 'Kal Ho Na Ho'? We got to know that SRK wanted Salman to step in his shoes of Aman. King Khan was suffering from a terrible back injury during the shooting of 'KHNH'. Hence Shah Rukh Khan suggested Salman Khan’s name to director Nikhil Advani. 

Director Nikhil Advani said that after a 4-5 sequence of the shoot, SRK left for Germany and on the 5th day he said that he won't be able to act in the film. That came as crushing news. Shah Rukh called Karan Johar from Germany and told that his back surgery was so serious that he would be able to do anything for the next 8 months. He also suggested Salaman’s name for the role.

But the moment Shah Rukh suggested Salman’s name, both Nikhil and Karan replied with an instant 'No'. The whole movie was written keeping SRK in mind. Only he could have delivered the dialogues that were prepared. So the filming was postponed for 9 months, till Shah Rukh could come back and resume shooting

Remember the scene where Aman Mathur confesses about his love with Naina Catherine Kapoor (Preity Zinta) and later tells his mother that it was okay for her to not know because he is going to die soon and nothing will ever come out of the few-month-long relationship. Can you imagine anyone else emote as better as he did? Nope! I suppose is the answer. Or what do you say….

Let us know in the comment section below what do you think could Salman played a better role like SRK? Well that is not known. Or who could have played a better role Shah Rukh Khan or Salman Khan? Simply wondering!

Well Kal Ho Na Ho saw King Khan enacting the role of Aman Mathur and making the character of a dying man immortal. The style of his delivering dialogues is amazing and even after 13 years the scenes run so fresh in our minds.

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