Priyanka Chopra's Intimate Scene In Quantico 2

Priyanka Chopra‘s Hollywood leap Quantico is in its second season and like the first one, has her doing some extreme stunts and that is what our CRB Tech reviews over here is all about. Now she is with the CIA and so is her partner Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin).


Our evaluation of the first show of the year says a lot about where it is advancing. In Quantico’s first year, the celebrity did not only shock everyone by her blows and sneakers but also her amazingly hot scenes with co-star Mike McLaughlin who performs the role of Ryan Booth, her boy friend in the series.

With time, Alex has shown herself simple and moved from FBI to CBI while her connection with Ryan got more powerful throughout. It’s no key that the two crazily love each other and were very much romantic with each other.

In the first episode itself we saw the two smooching and now in second season of ‘Quantico’, a series functions the lovebirds, Priyanka’s Alex and Jake’s Ryan lost in their own personal time as they get romantic and it was a wonderful intimate scene.


For those who want something different from the show this year, the recurring frame used may dissatisfy you. Considering that the CIA also has the same coaching program like FBI, we wonder whether Alex Parrish will go through another coaching program in the third year and then for which team – I bet, The Presidential protection team.” Clearly, it can be anticipated that something which isn’t against the law at all, we are sure. But apart from all the other coaching items that PC’s personality goes through, there is also this enthusiastic loving scene between her and Jake which has been the favorite in the last season. Such is its take that a love making scne between the two from the display has been released which has both of them getting into some hot sex mode

Priyanka seemed extremely hot in the first show and is going to look hotter in the future seasons. You can examine the images. The celebrity looks like she is having a very extreme discussion with her co-star in the display and then strips along with her in the display. Yes, these are images from the upcoming seasons. Looks like they are going through one of those protection assessments where you have to remove.

If you look at the last picture, it warrants our forecast since there are two men who have striped to their briefs and are just status there with arms behind their back again. Fascinating, isn’t it? We wonder what the queen has in shop for us in the next show of Quantico Season 2. Thus our CRB Tech reviews over here has been completed.