Video! Rare Moments at AlDub Project Unity by Fans, Get Together !


CRB Tech reviews presents before you this viral never before seen BTS video of Maine Mendoza – AlDub Project Unity.

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards however came in the said occasion independently extended their unending appreciation to Aldub Nation

As much as the fans loved them, they too revere that much to Aldub Nation. It is a gave and take relationship that makes this world brighter.

A year has passed by after Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza began with the phenomenal love team! No wonder, there are a huge number of fans and fan clubs formed in this time frame.

A new project had been announced by AlDub-Maiden United titled #AlDubUnitedProject that would have a fan's get together. Not only this, they also wish to thank Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Lead by Ms. Katya Canovas, the chief of AlDub Maiden United.

CRB Tech reviews wishes these two stars, many more years to come.

Meanwhile, in so forever lead the organization Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza?
This is one of the questions at the press conference for their movie Imagine You and Me last night, July 1.
Alden replied, "Anything is possible.
"We'll just move with the flow or the stream. If we're bound to last 30, 50, 60 years, then it will happen. "
Accepted it's Maine, a year ago when love team of Alden, "Is that too, I always say, what's meant to be will always find its way, occurs.
"If I ever have to go through now, if we really, we are."

If so, says the two stars of Eat Bulaga! kalyeserye that's okay with their maipareha others.
For Alden, "We also want both of Maine, we always have this understanding of each other.
"Of course, on the professional side, if that will happen, of course we do not have gagagawin but support each other." But nothing more was said it to the plan.

Due to one year gives them thrill viewers Eat Bulaga !, your romantic interest to them?
They did not answer directly.
Instead, it resulted in her narrative about Alden's bracelet given to him by Maine.
Meanwhile, after talk of Maine tuungkol his experience writing songs for Imagine You and Me, he asked the press if it Was boyfriend.
He replied, "yes."

But when asked if she has a boyfriend now, a long "ahh" answered the Maine, raised the glass in front of him, and said, "Water!"
Consequently, the continuous examined Maine if he finds now "Mr. Right. "
Serious answers of 21-year-old celebrity, "Well, I'm, I'm a hopeless romantic.
"I believe that somewhere out there, there is [a guy] destined for me, meant to spend my life with.

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