5 Reasons Why Ajay Devgn's Shivaay Trailer Is A Must Watch

Ajay Devgn latest movie Shivaay; the trailer of which has been launched, is definitely a must watch. CRB Tech reviews gives you five reasons why you should not miss this trailer.


1. Ajay the persona! :

All through the promo, Ajay's towering screen appearance will keep you snared to the trailer. Furthermore, it has Ajay doing some outrageous action moves. So there's reward treat for all.

2. Breathtaking Locales: 

Ajay has caught Bulgaria like no other. From the snow topped mountains to the landscapes and the beautiful regions, Shivvay trailer will entrance everybody. Ajay, the director has a victor in his pocket.

3. No Clues: 

There's a back shot of the antagonist who's character won't be uncovered till the film releases this Diwali. In spite of the fact that the trailer is more than 3 minutes 40 seconds in length, it will take you through the world of Shivaay that Ajay has wonderfully made however won't give you any spoiler about the plotline or the film's fundamental story. There's likewise a sweet little child and clearly the film's lead pair Sayyeshaa Saigal who will be found in some shots as well.

4. Superb action: 

The individual who viewed the trailer couldn't quit spouting about the film's Action Quotient. Despite the fact that Shivaay was postponed by a year, Ajay has ensured that the measures of action and method utilized as a part of the film is at standard with most Hollywood flicks. Particularly the mountain scenes are amazing and is just about at the level of a film like Everest. there are many sneak looks into the film's action and that is the greatest highlight of every one of them.

5. The first shot! :

Somebody who's now viewed the trailer let us know that opening shot of the promo is exceptional. It has Ajay detained in a prison when the camera gradually moves to him and his agonizing eyes assume control. At that point there is one given where a bare bodied Ajay is droning the Shiv mantra. That is a shocker. Recognizing what Ajay can do with those extreme eyes, we are certain this scene may very well paralyze every one of his fans! 

Also, to add to all these, one cannot forget the famous tattoo of Ajay Devgn. CRB Tech reviews recommends you to watch the trailer. Hope you enjoy it !