5 Life Threatening Monsoon Ailments !

CRB Tech reviews will discuss about the deadly monsoon ailments in this blog. It would help you to take care and prevent these from happening to you.

We are into the mid of the monsoon season. Already, many of us must be suffering from cough, cold and fever. These are just minor ailments that cure in a few days time. But there are a few of them that can prove to be fatal, if not treated in time. Let's focus our attention on these.

Monsoon Ailments !


At the point when diarrhoea is brought about by food contaminated with microbes or parasites, it is frequently alluded to this as food poisoning. At the point when symptoms begin, attempt to rest more and switch to an eating regimen of clear fluids. On the off chance that you have nausea notwithstanding looseness of the bowels, take little sips of liquid oftentimes and suck on ice chips. As you feel better, begin eating solid food items step by step to avoid stomach spasms. To ease stomach spasms, utilize a hot water bottle, warm pack or electric warming cushion and place it on your abdomen as per the opinion of Dr Saraf.

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A standout amongst the most widely recognized rainstorm ailments, leptospirosis is generally brought about by strolling in dirty water with higher odds of contamination particularly on the off chance that you have skin wounds. This bacterial infection is spread by rats and side effects incorporate high fever and chills with extreme migraines and body hurt, trailed by sickness, heaving, looseness of the bowels and stomach torment. However much as could reasonably be expected, abstain from venturing into dirty water. Also, if avoidable, clean up when you reach your home. On the off chance that you have injuries, cover them well.

Hepatitis A:

This viral ailment spreads through contaminated food items and water and the symptoms incorporate a rise in body temperature, joint torments, body throb, loss of hunger, vomiting and nausea. A yellowish tinge in the eyes, skin and nails is additionally seen. One of the most ideal approaches to prevent hepatitis A is to stick to eating home cooked food and water.


Fever for a long time going on for over five days, pain in abdomen, headache, diarrhoea took after by a rash in the second week may be characteristic of typhoid, which is generally spread by means of polluted food and water. To dodge typhoid, abstain from eating outside food as far as possible . Typhoid immunizations are likewise available opines Dr Saraf.

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Chikungunya Fever:

Brought about by a virus, it is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which chomps amid the day and can bring about serious, sometimes long lasting, joint pain and additionally fever and rash. Particular antiviral medications or antibody for treatment of chikungunya fever aren't available. Accordingly, early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are essential for control of contamination. Individuals with chikungunya fever are dealt with symptomatically.

Here are some tips to prevent such ailments:

Shield yourself from mosquitoes by having sufficient repellents in your home. Ideally wear dress that shields you from mosquitoes with least skin show. Try not to eat outside food; stick to home cooked food and hot water. Guarantee that your home and surroundings are kept clean. Keep your dustbin covered. On the off chance that you feel unwell, don't hold up or self-medicate, rather go to your doctor so that a right diagnosis can be made.

Apart from this, follow the practice to wash your hands and feet whenever you come from outside. Also, exercise regularly as it helps to stay fit. Work on your immunity as well. Increase it !

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