Nargis Fakhri Packs Her Bags and Says Bye To Bollywood !


CRB Tech reviews came across this s anewbout Bollywood hottie Nargis Fakhri leaving the Hindi film industry forever. To know the reason, please continue reading.

Nargis Fakhri was lost from Azhar promotions. Said an insider, while she appeared at a couple of occasions, she totally lost interest mid-way and two days back, left the nation. She took off to New York, leaving Azhar, Housefull 3 mid-way and the schedule of Banjo fragmented. She has jettisoned the makers there, as well, leaving them between a rock and a hard place.


But what's the reason behind her sudden exile? This is the question her fans must be asking. Let's look into the details of the same.

As per a source, the Azhar team was confused when Nargis let them know she was facing an injury and couldn't promote the film. However, a friend of the on-screen character says that she has had a mental meltdown and she had gathered her baggage and left for the place where she grew up (New York City)! She advised her dear companions that she was not in the frame of mind to work and required to escape the nation. She additionally told the makers of Banjo that she would change the dates and will shoot when she's back. With 97% of the film complete and simply some interwoven remaining, the makers are thinking about what to do.

The performer just told her fans that she needs a month or two to recuperate from the change in her own life. An insider from B-Town says that Nargis was good to go to report her marriage to actor Uday Chopra, however he'd altered his decision about getting hitched and this came as a stun to her. Some time ago he was extremely eager to wed her and had proposed to her, however she needed to concentrate on her career and Hollywood movies. Presently, the tide has turned. She had an immense battle with him, endured a mental meltdown and left overnight.

A sad exile for the beauty. She had just started her journey in Bollywood, and was slowly gaining name and fame for herself.

According to a report in prominent magazine Filmfare, the 36-year-old on-screen character, who has quit Bollywood, has left the nation for a "good" and is not probable to return and is wanting to settle down for all time in the United States. It is said that the actress, who was most recently seen in comedy film 'Housefull3', needs to be "around her loved ones" in US.

CRB Tech reviews hopes that she returns to Bollywood very soon! We wish all the best for her future.