20 Easy To Do Exercises At Your Office Desk !

CRB Tech reviews is going to guide you about some exercises which you can do while sitting at your desk. To learn about the exercises you will have to read the blog.


The fact that a sitting lifestyle is affecting your health, is not hidden from everyone. We all will agree on this fact. Due to type of our jobs these days, we have to sit at a place for long hours. Also, “we do not have time to exercise”. This is the excuse generally given. Then what is the solution on this? 

Do not worry as we are going to tell you about a few exercises that anyone of you can do while sitting at a place.

So, without wasting much time, let's proceed for the same.

1. Shoulder squeezes: 

Assume that there is a pencil between the two blades of your shoulders. Now, squeeze them and hold for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure. 

This would help to improve arched posture. 

2. Chair squats: 

Stand a little away from your chair. Bend till your butt touches the edge of the chair. Repeat again for a few times. 

Helps to shape your booty.

3. Lift the roof: 

March at your place. Push the roof upwards with both your hands. To make it difficult, you can hold water bottles in both hands.

4. Hulk: 

Bend forward while marching. Bend elbows with fists closed. Now move arms sideways like wings. Your shoulder blades should touch one other while doing this.

5. Tricep dips: 

Turn the back towards your desk. Rest your palms on it with shoulder length distance. Now bend your elbows and go down and come up. Just like doing dips. Put tension on your triceps.

6. Wall squats: 

Put your back towards the wall. Sit down to an angle of 90 degrees. Again get up. Do this a number of times.

Good for toning legs.

7. Hamstring bend: 

Stand at your place. Now bend one foot behind, then the other. At the same time, bend your elbows. Do this 5 to 10 times.

8. Punches: 

Punch with both your arms sideways alternately. To reduce pressure on the elbows, avoid full straightening of the arm.

9. Calf rises: 

Standing at your place raise your toes and rise. Hold for few seconds and return back to your original position. Perfect for calf muscles.

10. Leg raise: 

While you are seated raise your left leg and hold it parallel to the ground. Then put it down and do the same with other leg.

11. Desk push-ups: 

Use your desk as a lever. Rest your palms on the edge of it and put your legs out behind you. Now do push-ups in this position.

12. Sideway lunges: 

Do sideway lunges just like you would do in a gym.

13. Phone walking: 

Whenever you receive or make a call, leave your desk and walk or pace walk in the office. Make sure you do not disturb others. Talk softly.

14. Jump squats: 

If you are in a lone corner of the office and have space, you can do this. First jump and then do a squat. Do one or two sets of it and you will get a good exercise.

15. Book Press: 

Hold the heaviest book in your office behind your head. Extend your arms forward and backward in a manner that your triceps are stretched. That's all you need to do.

16. Jogging: 

Do a little jog by lifting your knees up to your chest. Do this with both your legs alternately.

17. Neck twist: 

Bend your neck forward so that your chin touches your chest. Look up again. Do this repeatedly. Now move your head towards right and then to your left. Repeat this. You will have a good neck exercise.

18. Arm sweep: 

Sweep your arms on the sides like a pendulum. At the same time, also step side to side. Have a dance like feel.

19. Walking: 

Just stand up and take a stroll in the office premises. Walk up to your colleague's desk and chat with him for a while. Then return back to your desk. Do not chat for too long.

20. Office yoga: 

Carry a mat and do some easy yoga asanas on it.

Start doing these exercises and they will benefit you big time. CRB Tech reviews highly recommends these to you.